Depending Chuvstvazhe are multiplevalued, with the sprayed contents and consequently can obediently get forms convenient to the owner.

It is a lot of forms.

Depending on its taste, installations or desires.

The person in an optimum condition the pupil thinker even at the maximum monotony of conditions and structurally repeating purely mechanical work thanks to the changeable nature of umstvennykhdeystviye can become the subject of creativity.

Such meets everywhere.

For example, the worker who did not get special scientific or vocational trainin is capable in monotonous process where all it would seem scientific is retrained, to find something new.

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That is why the subjective

That is why the subjective It arises as a natural consequence of process of an expense of energy and consequently not only it is pleasant, but also generates positive content from the executed work and elation.

Fatigue from work an indispensable condition of existence and development of the pupil.

Unlike exhaustion and overfatigue of a consequence of fatigue by an organism are overcome quickly and without any negative results.

That is why the subjective indicator I was tired signals about approach to border behind which the condition of an organism becomes disharmonious.

Beyond allowed processes of a diskoordinatsiya of bodies and body systems begin the nature.

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Life and interests

Life and interests The system of language communication is stratified children about one age fully verbally communicate with each other, in process of an age difference verbal communication decreases.

Life and interests of boys and girls are so excellent that they do not talk almost with each other, and even adults quite seldom long talk to representatives of an opposite sex.

When adults talk, children, as a rule, listen and do not communicate among themselves.

I never heard, that the person of any age had to talk from positions not appropriate to its age that is to the adult in conversation with the child to lisp, and to the child to use still concepts inaccessible to it as it occurs at communication of children and adults in our society.

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The note for parents

The note for parents And the vowel had not to awake the neighbor public itself looked out of the window and greeted all With are kind yym in the morning!Features of an articulationwhen pronouncing vowel sounds Saying names of the vowel sounds living in the first entrance, we smile.

You do not trust Then call them, looking thus in a mirror.

Now it was convinced And now I will say names of vowels from the first entrance.

The note for parents Surely use a mirror at performance of this task.

The child can not only say, hear, but also see, how the sound is said.

Simultaneous turning on of acoustic and visual analyzers promotes the best understanding of a difference between sounds.

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B. Duplicity

B. DuplicityB.

Duplicity leads to slander.

Sooner or later it happens that the child any mistake and if this first lie descends to it from hands, certainly, it will be inclined again to resort to it from here and need to be very perspicacious, not to allow benka to take a dangerous way.

The most difficult in the volume to remain acute, without being suspicious, and not at all these it turns out.

There are children who render improbable the protivleniye to influence of adults and is stubborn to persist in the lie.

Such occurs, if the exposed lie severely is punished.

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